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How to Beat Stress and Anxiety with the Right Food?

Rosy Jemes/

Of course, it affects your weight and appearance. But what you eat also plays a significant role in how you feel. So, while that Mexican Burrito might suit your instant gratification, you will be much more fatigued in the hours to come. Moreover, if exposed to pressure, you will experience a higher level of stress …

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Self-Diagnosis: Is The Internet Right?

Amlan Maiti/

Matthew, 27-years old, was experiencing breathing problems. He did exactly what so many people do today- Google. He Googled his symptoms and the bots returned back with a handful of dreadful conditions—from carotid artery stenosis to asthma to even throat cancer. Petrified, he visited C.W. Williams only to find that it was just a regular …

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3 Things You Should do To Make 2019 the Healthiest Year Ever

Amlan Maiti/

And we’re closing 2018. Again, lagging behind our goal to live fit and healthily. Those New Year resolutions didn’t even get to see the daylight of February. But then it’s okay. Happens. Just make sure 2019 isn’t the same. Make sure this new year is really the healthiest of your life. To make that happen, …

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