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How COVID-19 is Affecting Indian Realty Sector?


The state of the Indian realty sector can have a multiplier effect on over 250 connected industries, including on all the TMT bar manufacturers in West Bengal and across the country. So, asking how the ongoing pandemic will impact – and change – this sector is quite important for it affects millions of lives and …

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sel tmt bar price list in Kolkata

Commercial Construction Projects: 3 Tips to Lower the Cost


When the projects are big, it’s not rare to go outside the limit of the sanctioned budget. Many construction companies and contractors struggle with this when working on commercial projects. Table of Contents 1. Buy the right steel products 2. Minimize on-site accidents 3. Add more efficiency Conclusion If you – your company – is …

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best tmt bar for house construction in west bengal

Construct Durable Building Structures: 3 Tips


It’s a big investment. So, you want the building structure to be durable. In fact, this is even more important if it’s a commercial property that has more capital and effort in it, as well as has many stakeholders. Table of Contents 1. Use the right quality TMT bars 2. Don’t follow an unrealistic budget …

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