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7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Google Traffic Has Crashed (PART 2)

James Mitchell/

There are many reasons why one’s site may be seeing a decline in Google traffic. Some of these “reasons” are too common. Poor quality content is one of those common reasons. Btw, in the previous part of this 7-post series, we touched how technical elements in the backend of your site can be playing a …

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Technoservices Introduces Affordable Web Design and Development Services


Continuing on its core commitment to bring quality and cost-effective solutions that boost the startup culture of the country and around the world, Technoservices has announced web design and development services at affordable pricing. As one of the fastest emerging digital solution providers in the city, the move ideally fits in company’s long-term goals of …

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9 Common Web Design and Development Mistakes Startups Make


It’s much more than just what those “how to design a website in 15 minutes” articles and videos teach you. If you’re looking for a Rockstar-like website that plays a pillar to your brand’s existence and business’s web performance, DIY isn’t going to take you a long way. Here are 9 common web design and …

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