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7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Google Traffic Has Crashed (PART 4)

James Mitchell/

Sticking to the fundamental rules of SEO – instead of trying new tactics and tricks – is incredibly important. Because no matter how smartly you’re trying to trick the system, you will inevitably lose the game. And this is something many webmasters and marketers experience regularly – and that’s exactly what you and your website …

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seo company in canada

How to Build Backlinks? (A Kickass Guide Part 2)

James Mitchell/

Link building isn’t very difficult. However, it does require the right approach to get more number of backlinks in the least amount of time. There’s a reason why brands high SEO company in Canada instead of DIY’ing. In the previous post of this 5-part series, we talked about how you can (and should) start taking guest …

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