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Your Friendly Guide To Using Turkish Towel In Other Ways Apart From a Towel

Your Friendly Guide To Using Turkish Towel In Other Ways Apart From a Towel

Much has been said and written about the Pestemal or Turkish towels, as it is widely known. These are counted as one of the top luxury bath products among the popular housing magazines as well. The towels are considered to be unique in nature because of the exceptional quality of cotton that is used to make it. One of the unique quality that sets apart the Turkish towel from other towel categories is that it is made using traditional Turkish towel making methods. Not only this, the fringes that are quite peculiar to the towel is handmade by the local craftsmen. Apart from the fact that Turkish towels can be used as a towel, there are many other uses of it as well. Hence read on to know more about it. Meanwhile retailers can get in touch with hotel towels manufacturers to know about the current towel rates for bulk purchase.


Owning to the ambience of the beach, the Turkish towel can be used in a lot of ways due to its aesthetic intent. It can be used for several different purposes like a beach towel, beach mat and even sarong. Available in a flurry of colours and designs you can pretty much style it with the swimsuit as a long skirt as well.


Home is where the Turkish towel is most used. Some of the ways you can use it apart from that are end of bed towel pet bed, table cover /runner, yoga mat cover, blanket cover, blanket fort and many other different ways. Thus, find the soothing pastel tones for general purposes and for festivity purposes you can opt for the colour coded ones.


The Turkish towels are probably the best thing that you can carry for your trips. Firstly, these are not heavy like the general towels , secondly, the fabric feels extremely soft and is comfortable for the skin. Sice the density of the towel is quite less hence it can be used to make temporary bags like totes . You can also use it as a camping towel or a sleep mat.

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