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Why Industrial Shelving is Essential for Your Warehouse?

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Industrial metal shelving is one of the strongest, space efficient and sturdy types of shelving you can get for your warehouse. Metal shelving can be free-standing, designed in a rack system or incorporated into a display system.

There are many advantages to it.  You can find the best assortment of industrial racks for storage at the virtual catalog of a popular retailer. If you want to know why it is important for your business, read on the blog below for more such ideas.


Metal shelving comes in an array of designs.  You can get industrial grade shelving at your wholesaler and have it in your warehouse the next day.  Or, you can work with a warehouse designer and get customized metal shelving.  It may take a little longer, but you’ll have the heights and lengths that make the best use of your space.

Space Efficient

Metal shelving gives you more space in any given area.  You can store up or sideways and have shelves at varying levels.  Be sure to mind the weight-bearing instructions and don’t overload the shelves.

Easy to Assemble

 Metal shelving often comes in pieces and needs assembly.  If your warehouse products retailer does not assemble the shelves for you, don’t worry as the directions are simple, and require only rivets to put it together.    Boltless rivet shelving can hold up to 1,500 pounds.  Single-rivet and double-rivet shelving combinations have a cross-beam that is secured by either two or four rivets.


Industrial metal shelving can withstand temperature extremes, as well as the wear and tear of forklifts and order pickers, provided it is finished properly to avoid corrosion or oxidation.   Industrial-grade metal is stronger than regular, but it still needs the right protection. Your shelving will take the dents of a careless machine operator much more gracefully with a galvanized or painted finish.

Find the best variants of high quality wire shelving rack at the online store of a popular supplier. These are available in unique variants that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Look through the store to make your purchase today!



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