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What You Should Know About IVF?

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To treat your infertility, when other measures have failed, your doctor may have recommended you In Vitro Fertilization. A form of Assisted Reproductive Technology, it is often considered as a last resort to get pregnant.

Admittedly, more people are going for IVF much more confidently and happily now. And why not, really! This process of fertilization bears plenty of benefits, including increased chances of a healthy child. It’s also the last hope for the couples who cannot conceive for whatever reason.

However, that said, there are certainly a few things that you must consider before opting for IVF. It has its own downsides after all. For instance, it has associated risks of infection and hemorrhage. Of course, working along with the best IVF doctor in Kolkata, you can minimize such risks and ensure a complication-free pregnancy and healthy baby.

Furthermore, for the starters, IVF doesn’t guarantee a pregnancy. There’s no 100 percent assurance, as is assumed by many. The success rate of live births varies between clinics and the medical teams handling the case. Following, if the pregnancy fails, it can lead to many emotional challenges. You’re already dealing with the stress of infertility. This new development can add to your emotional and psychological woes, even leading to anxiety and depression.

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Moreover, since more than one embryo is put back into the uterus, the chances of multiple pregnancy are high. This not only poses health risks or the mother and baby, but it also brings a financial burden.

So, while IVF might have become more common than you realize, there’s a host of things you must consider. You must work along with the IVF specialists and best high risk pregnancy doctors to ensure minimized risks and higher success.



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