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What to Do with Your Unused Gift Cards?

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Do you find that you are accumulating gift cards and you know that these are not going to be used? You might have obtained cards from friends, family members and / or clients. It could be that you simply lack the time to use the products or gift cards, or do not need or want the same. Here is what you can do with your partly used gift cards.

Exchange Gift Cards

You can also exchange a gift card easily if you wish, and get another gift card or a cashier’s check in return for the same. It is possible to list your card online and find someone to exchange it with. There are various websites that let you do that. However, there are quite a few risks involved when you try to exchange them online. Simply ensure that you exchange your card through a gift card exchange near me website that has been for some years in business, and boasts of a solid track record. Thus, before you exchange the card, carry out your research.

In many card exchange websites, it is possible to get paid in various ways – such as Amazon Gift Card, Facebook Credits, PayPal and Check. Find out whether you have to pay any extra fees for a specific payment option that you choose. For instance, you are charged money by PayPal whenever you get a payment. Thus, you need to be aware of such extra fees.

Buy and Sell

It is possible to sell and buy gift cards for cash, and make a profit in the process. It can be done very easily and can be a great way to make some money. There are various sell my gift card for cash websites where you can sell these at a discounted rate. You can also flip cards for cash as you sell the same online.

Gift them

Keep your cards somewhere close at hand. When there is an anniversary, birthday or some important event that calls for gifting, you may use these as presents. You can choose from any of the unused gift certificates and hand the same over to a recipient.


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