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What Should You Consider Before Buying Reinforcement Mesh for Concrete?

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While pouring, forming and putting concrete, one of the most vital factors to take in consideration happens to be the type of reinforcement that is required, and whether there is a need for any at all for that matter. The use of latest technologies in the designs of concrete mixes has made it possible to have many more cheap but efficient solutions for reinforcement requirements. Concrete reinforcing mesh having square or rectangular mesh pattern is a type of welded wire fabric. It can improve bonding with concrete, and reduce the cracking in concrete that can happen due to a shrinkage of concrete. Here are some top things to consider before buying reinforcement mesh for concrete.

Properties of the mesh

You have to find out whether the mesh comes with excellent stability and superior firmness. It needs to have a firm structure and flat kind of uniform structure. It must be resistant to rust and corrosion, and has to be durable in form. The service life must be long. Strong and durable mesh can improve bonding to concrete, and can minimize concrete cracking.

Strength of the material

The best concrete slab mesh from reputed reinforcement mesh manufacturers Kolkata comes with a minimum impact strength of 485 Mpa, and tensile strength of 510 Mpa. This type of reinforcing welded mesh has a galvanized surface that is rust and corrosion resistant. The product usually comes with a long service life, and is durable in form.

Size of reinforcing concrete mesh

The reinforcing concrete mesh that you choose needs to be of a proper size. The diameter of mesh reinforcement bars is 3–40 mm, typically. You can find heavy reinforcing mesh with a diameter of 12 or over 12. Light meshes come with diameter of 3–12 mm. If you do not have any idea about the kind of size that you should choose, it is a good idea to contact the sales representative and know which sizes he finds most appropriate for your application. If you have any specific requirement, you can simply inform about the sizes and needs, and you can have the meshes customized to a suitable size for your purpose.


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