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What Do You Need to Know About Hand Sanitizers Before Purchasing Them?

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The hand sanitizers has emerged to be one of the primary ways to combat the Covid-19 virus. They say prevention is better than cure. Hence, you need to incorporate certain hygiene practices in your lifestyle to steer away from the deadly infection. The traditional method of washing your hand with soap and water is always recommended. However, if you don’t have access to it, then make sure to invest the best quality from a renowned online source offering hand sanitizer for sale. Meanwhile, let’s read on to know which variant is better for protecting yourself from the virus.

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which contains 70-75% alcohol is always best when compared with other types. It kills up to 99.9% germs hence, effective for use.
  • Many healthcare experts have claimed that hand sanitizer containing a higher concentration of alcohol are more effective than those having lower alcohol concentration or non-alcoholic one. The alcohol based sanitizers are real germ killer.
  • FDA has also shown that alcohol-based hand sanitizer reduces much flu like contagious diseases and infections.
  • These sanitizers are easy to use. Take a coin-sized drop of hand sanitizer on your palm. Spread it all over your inside and outside of your palm. Rub your palm together until they become dry. If hands are becoming dry means alcohol is killing germs.

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizers contain quaternary ammonium compounds (called benzalkonium chloride) instead of alcohol to reduce microbes. These agents are less effective than alcohol.
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizers do not dry out hands. They create little foam after rubbing hands.
  • Many alcohol-free hand sanitizers contains 0.1% concentration of Benzalkonium, rest of the solution contain mainly water & skin conditioner & vitamin E for moistening purpose.
  • Usually, these solutions are much easier on the hands. The possibility of fire hazards are less and are non-damaging to surfaces.

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