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What are the Various Uses of Welded Wire Mesh?

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Welded Wire Mesh have various kinds of applications, and are used in many different areas, such as factories, food industry, animal protection, leaf covers, dog fencing, garden screening, garden fences, aviares and security cage. Today, you can find welded mesh products in varied dimensions, specifications and designs, which can satisfy various requirements of clients. Other than this, you can also get facility for customization. Know about some of the different uses of weld wire mesh.

Industrial sectors

Weld mesh panels come with a metallic screen that is produced or made with the help of low carbon or stainless steel wire. This kind of mesh comes in different sizes and shapes, based on clients’ needs. It is generally used in the form of a fencing solution, designed particularly to cover a wide region, which can make the whole spot easily perceivable for the purpose of maximum amount of surveillance, non automatic as well as automatic.


Mesh fencing is also used in many high security prisons, due to the fact that these come with strong design, excellent tensile strength, corrosion and impact resistance, heavy duty construction and perfect finish. Prison Mesh fencing is acknowledged globally as one of the safest and most reliable welded mesh versions. This is liked more over chain link fencing solutions or other welded mesh versions for many reasons, and is ordered in more heavy duty forms from weldmesh panels manufacturers. Anti-climb weld mesh system or Welded Mesh Panel is commonly known as Prison Mesh fencing and 358 mesh fencing.

Transportation sectors

This kind of mesh is extremely durable, and come with accurate dimensions. These have superior efficiency and are highly resistant to wear and tear. Such type of mesh is abrasion and chemical resistant, and capable of bearing very high load. It is possible to get these in a customized form. Top manufacturers use raw materials of the highest quality for designing these products. They use the latest machinery and state of the art technologies for the production purposes, ensuring high efficacy and durability of the mesh panels.

Welded mesh is manufactured mainly with the help of steel wires, and it undergoes a process that has a robust zinc covering put over the top. There is a square opening, and it is also the best choice to manufacture grill, wire box, animal cage, for machine protection and much more. Clearly, it is used for varied purposes today.



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