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Weld Mesh Fence – What are the Different Types of Meshes Used?

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Welded mesh is used commonly to serve as a fence all around a building or any other kind of construction structure for that matter. These kinds of screens are used also for fencing equipment in industrial settings. It is possible to get various kinds of wire meshes in different sizes and shapes from weld mesh manufacturers. It is convenient to buy mesh wire at an affordable cost, and install them in place. You can find wire mesh of varied types from the markets, due to widespread use and plenty of assistive features.

Electro galvanized welded wire mesh

It is the most appropriate form of welded wire mesh that is used today. Such types of screens are designed for standing against corrosion, and can last for a very long time, thus offering excellent value for your investment. Other than straight screens, you may find panels and rolls of these structures which happen to be in great demand in various industrial settings. You can also find electro galvanized wire mesh with square opening in varied sizes and colors. These are used primarily as fencing for buildings.

Galvanised mesh with zinc covering

This is one more type of weld mesh fence that consists of stainless steel metal, which is immersed in hot zinc. Such type of mesh is most suitable for protecting machines, grilling, animal cages and grating purposes.

PVC coated mesh

This is composed of stainless steel iron of the best quality, and is PVC-coated, so as to make it last longer. This is a corrosion-resistant wire which is PVC coated, and is very assistive for fencing office buildings, homes and apartments. This mesh can be found in varied colors such as green, white and black, and is available as rolls and panels.

Stainless steel mesh

Composed of stainless steel, these are renowned for their high durability and strength. You can find it being used in lots of places, such as entertainment venues, agricultural fields and more.

Wire panels

These can be found as panels and are mainly used for the purpose of fencing. It is used widely for fencing parks and buildings.



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