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Top Questions to Ask to a Wire Mesh Manufacturer / Supplier

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Wire mesh can be very useful when it comes to preventing access to people or animals to some particular areas, such as yard, garden or enclosures. Are you planning to buy the best wire mesh products from a reliable wire mesh supplier in Kolkata? Here are some top questions that you need to ask.

What types do you have?

It is important to know whether the supplier has the kind of meshes that you need. Generally, wire mesh products are available in various types. There are large mesh wires that help block access to animals to farm areas. Fine mesh wires are ideal to keep small creatures, such as mice, from yards or garden spaces.

Can you offer wire meshes in custom specifications?

You would probably need in the kind of specifications that you want. For instance, if you need it in a certain height, make sure that it is particularly high to enclose or keep out the kind of animals or pets that you want. While attempting to use wire meshes to construct a fence or enclosure, ensure that it is high enough to keep animals enclosed in or blocked out.

Take into account that 5 cm has to be added to the height, as that much will go under the ground surface. It is important to set up wire mesh fences below the surface, so as to prevent animals from digging them out of the ground. If you intend to keep birds enclosed, you may ask the wire mesh manufacturer in Kolkata to set up a mesh roof.

Do you offer installation services?

You need to ask this of course, given that these types of fences have to be installed in a proper way. The posts have to be kept at the same level or higher than the wire mesh, so that there is no loose mesh that can bend and fall. While you can install many of these fences on your own, at least some types of these need specialized installation, and only expert manufactures have the kind of professionals who can perform that kind of setup for you.



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