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Rules To Keep In Mind When Decorating A Space With Artwork

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There is nothing more gloomy or bare looking than an empty wall. But decorating with art can be difficult, so much so that it is very easy for us to get frightened off before we even start. Therefore, before you decide to begin purchasing wall décor framed prints or running for the hills, go through some of our do’s and don’ts list put together that is sure to save you some effort and time.


You can rest artwork against a wall in a few spaces. A piece lying on a mantle or console table resting against the wall can look extremely chic. Layer some pieces together for a stunning display.

Chalk out a plan regarding your photo wall beforehand. Position them on the ground right in front of the wall and mix around with the display until you get one that pleases you.

Treat multiple pieces as a single unit at the time of the hanging procedure.


Do not hang all the big pieces in one space and all the tiny ones in another. The same goes for frames alike. Blend things around until you feel they are aesthetically balanced.

Roughly two inches, at times less, on either side and above and below is adequate room. Do not hang up pieces exceedingly far apart from each other.

Do not hang up art by yourself. It is always better to have as a minimum two folks so one can hold it in position and the other person can step back and ensure the positioning is right.

So what are you waiting for? Turn the aesthetics of your space up a notch and buy framed prints that suit your style. Contact a popular and luxury retail store to get your hands on some of the finest work, picking pieces from French Provincial to Modern-Scandi to make sure they add to the visual of your space.



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