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Obesity can be cured by Naturopathy treatment

obesity can be cured
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Naturopathy points its fingers to two habits as the cause of obesity – eating more than is required and lack of exercise.

Sedentary lifestyle coupled with binge eating is recipe for fat accumulation, overweight and obesity. Stress and excess alcohol too can be reasons for obesity.

Obesity can lead to formation of many kinds of diseases. High blood pressure and heart diseases are the main diseases that an obese person needs to be cautious of. Isolation from the society is other serious condition obese persons have to face.

Obesity is classified into three types viz. mild to moderate, moderate to severe and severe based on the intensity of the problem.

  • The Naturopathic Way of Curing Obesity
  • Cold hip bath two times a day
  • Warm water enema
  • Fasting on liquid food for 3-4 days
  • Underwater massage
  • Friction baths
  • Neutral whirlpool
  • Steam and sauna bath
  • Warm water immersion
  • Lifestyle Modification

After completing fasting or treatment, the person must be disciplined enough to not to get addicted to over eating again. It is essential to maintain healthy nutrition, intake of large quantities of water, and staying away from high calorie food.

Daily minimum walk of 5 km is also indicated. Practicing yoga and aerobic exercises also should be made part of your daily routines.

Continue fasting once a week and identify carving for food. Different water therapy measures can be continued till you get desirable results of weight loss.

The important thing is to stay away from undesirable habits like excessive smoking and alcohol consumption.

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