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Naturopathy – The Science Of Natural Healing

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Nature has blessed us with many healthful gifts like water, air, sunlight etc. to stay healthy but as people cannot lead their lives in complete consonance with the law of nature, they are inevitably going to suffer from major or minor diseases. They can be restored to health by adopting various natural therapeutic measures like fasting, juice therapy, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, air bath, massage, etc. Naturopathy is simple, harmless and absolutely dependable, unlike most other system. This article will emphasize on naturopathy – the science of natural healing.

The aim of the naturopathy is to strengthen the natural resistance of the body to diseases, i.e., to activate the vital force, and to get rid of the poisons accumulated in the body. Naturopathy is a unique science with an unlimited potential to cure almost all diseases. With the exception of a few diseases which require surgical intervention, all diseases can be cured by naturopathy. Naturopathy not only eliminates the symptoms, but also exterminates the disease. It strikes at the very root of the diseases. It induces people to take an active interest in their health.

Fasting for short or long periods is used for quick elimination of toxins from the body. Hot and cold water is used in different ways (baths, packs, etc) to cure the diseases. The natural sunlight is also a good source of treatment.

Naturopathy aims at treating the diseases by removing the root cause of the disease. It is revolution in the art and science of living. By naturopathy as per the laws of nature, the body and mind will be brought in harmonious condition leading to good health.

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