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Living Coral Colored Jacket Style Tips You’Ll Need This Year

Living Coral Colored Jacket Style Tips You'Ll Need This Year

Pulling off a trendy jacket look is easy but pulling off a unique colored jacket is something that requires bravery. When we talk about a unique and eccentric color , the pantone color of the year cannot be missed. Living coral is an epitome of everything beautiful and the golden undertone has a rich, lush and energizing touch to it. A coral jacket is experimental yet chic. If you love to dress up in feminine tones. then chances are that this jacket will allow you to do so. We picked up jacket as a clothing of choice because the color and the attire creates a fine appealing balance.

Thus, read on to know about the various ways you can style the coral jacket this summer .

Office route

For starters you might think that coral suit jacket for the office is a big no-no. But it’s a great opportunity to add some color to your usual mundane work wear outfit. The color play of white and coral will help you create the finesse at the workplace without looking like an employee who’s trying too hard to fit in.

Coral puffers

Coral toned puffer jackets are super cool, super enliven and not to forget trendy as well. The best way to add some colorful drama to your hike or sportswear outfit is with the help of a puffer jacket. Stick to the similar color play principles by opting for a light wash jeans to create a soothing balance for the entire outfit.

Nova denim

Coral denim jackets are super cool for styling a flirty dress. Its fresh, unique and anything but boring. Thus, all you need is a sky blue strapless dress and a cropped coral denim jacket with tan boots to complete the look. For the make-up it would be advisable to stick to something subtle and glossy.

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