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Know What Sort of Mask Can Best Protect Your Face This Pandemic

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Why the abrupt change in course? Recent research shows that patients with no signs of COVID-19 could transmit the disease. The purpose of the current strategy is to shield the unexposed from individuals with symptoms and without symptoms.

How does a face mask work?

Many face masks are equipped to flush away microscopic bacteria as well as viral particles. There are major distinctions in viruses and bacteria — the bacteria are active, one cell that can multiply and cause illness. It’s about 1,000 nm in thickness, which is around one-millionth of a meter. Viruses collapse into a grey region between living and non-living particles that need a host to reproduce. And the viral bacteria are much smaller, comparatively. Influenza virus particles, for example, range from 80 and 100 nm, and COVID-19 particles are 125 nm, far smaller than bacteria. These variations render it possible to use various styles of masks for safety purposes.

Face mask styles

Mask falls into three simple categories — homemade, N95 respiratory and surgical. Each one has pros and cons.

Surgical masks

Surgical masks, typically worn by health care workers, are designed to prevent bacterial germs from entering the mouth or nose through large-particle droplets, splashes, and secretions. These are disposable face mask n95, loose-fitting, and cover the chin, mouth, and nose, which can be thrown away after using them. They are instantly identifiable by their design: flat, rectangular-shaped pleats, a metal strip around the nose, and long straight links. While they are simple to wear and efficient, they are unable to filter most viral particles.

N95 respirators

These round or oval masks are built to shape a shield across the face, even better than surgical masks. In reality, they come in various sizes to ensure that the wearer has a strong seal. So such masks are not as brittle as medical masks; you may continue to wear them as long as they shape a barrier. Facial hair can interfere with the tightening of the mask.

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