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How To Renovate A Guest House (Hamptons Style)

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When it comes to styling a house, a guest bedroom is an area that sometimes appears to be neglected. But believe it or not, this space is more than worth your money. It’s a room that helps your visitors to get much-needed sleep, take time to read one of their favourite books, talk on the phone, or just sit back to focus on a hectic day.

Plus, it acts as a cosy venue for your family and friends to truly experience your aesthetic interior design as well as your willingness to pay attention to detailed specifics. With that in mind, it’s worth looking for a guest room that’s equally trendy yet relaxing.

The guest room is a place that must be friendly, relaxed, and cosy. You want the visitors to feel right at home, or maybe better as if they’re on a vacation.

Your first target when planning a guest bedroom using Hamptons Style Furniture in Sydney should be a place that feels clean and easy.

If you want your visitors to rest, you don’t want to give them a room that’s cramped or has so many vivid colours or designs. Instead, use plain, neutral colour palettes with a tiny burst of hue in the manner of a throw of pillows or a sign panel. You may want to build a statement wall using wallpaper with a classic template.

Choose a nicely varnished bedhead, and you may also fit dual beds to your room to optimise your use of the room.

The simplicity of furniture, lighting, and appliances can be visually appealing in the guest room and practical at the same time.

To open the space to make it feel light and airy, install the mirrors as decorations, and carry the drapes to the skylight to create an illusion that they are higher.

Layer rugs on the ground to continue adding texture, and install bedside tables for comfort and to accommodate table lamps. Tableside lamps have a more subtle illumination source than a bright overhead light.

As far as items are concerned, keep them simple and not too intimate in the guest room. Including a bench to the foot of the bed will provide extra storage space for your guests.

Get in touch with an online retailer and check out the catalogue for Hamptons Style Furniture and bulk order!



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