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How to Put on Sublimated Masks in a Proper Way?

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A sublimated mask is a mask that has a rectangular shape, and has a relaxed fit. This kind of mask, as the name indicates, has sublimation printing. It comes with elastic ties or bands which can be tied behind the head or circled behind the ears. A 3-ply sublimated mask from sublimated masks manufacturer that is worn in a proper way can help in blocking the transmission of sprinkles, splatters, sprays, droplets and other tiny microorganisms. This type of mask can also reduce the risks of hand-to-face contact. Find out how to put these masks on in a proper way.

Clean your hands

Before you put the mask on, clean the hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with water and soap. Or rub the hands together, applying a hand sanitizer that is alcohol-based. It is important to get your hands cleaned up in a proper way, so that no germs can get into the surface of the masks. Otherwise, you will be breathing the germs in.

Look for gaps

When you get the mask delivered at your doorstep or buy it from somewhere, you need to check whether the face mask has some gaps – such as broken circles or tears. If you find any, return it to the wholesale printed masks supplier immediately. Do not let your safety get compromised.

Check the fit

Put the mask’s colored side outward. If it is present, make sure that the metallic strip is at the head of the mask and is there against your nose’s extension. In case your mask has earloops, hold it by both the loops and put one loop over each ear. Hold your mask by its upper strings. Tie the mask’s top strings in a safeguarded bow close to your head’s crown. Securely the strings in a bow near your neck’s scruff.

If your mask has double elastic bands, pull its uppermost band over your head and put it against the crown of your head. Pull your baseband over the head and place it opposite your neck’s scruff. Put the flexible topmost strip to the shape of your nose by pushing and squeezing down on the same. Pull your mask’s base above the jaw and mouth. Make sure that the mask has a cozy fit. Once your mask is in proper position, never contact it. In case your mask becomes damp or grimy, get it replaced with a new one.



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