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How To Earn Cash Online When You Can’t Step Out Of Your Home?

resell gift cards for cash

Bear Grylls is one of the finest examples, when it comes to surviving in unforeseen situations. This global pandemic has made life difficult for all of us, especially those who are associated with small scale jobs. Earning money has become quite difficult as we cannot step outside our homes. This is a condition where you need to ‘Improvise, Adapt and Overcome’, so that you can earn apart from spending your time in other constructive work. There are numerous ways you can earn money online from the safety of your home.

Online tutoring

Since schools are shut down, students have to be home-school until the pandemic is completely over. In this case you can utilize your academic skills and tutor children over digital mediums like Skype, google duo, etc. This way you can earn good amount of money and help some children keep up-to date with their curriculum as well.

Sell your gift cards cards

Yes, you read it right. You can sell gift cards for cash online and earn some money that will help you to maintain your livelihood for the duration of the lockdown. We all get gift cards from friends, relatives, family members for various occasions. Most of these lie unused in the deeper corners of the drawer. You can visit an online portal and fill out the form with your personal details and the information related to the gift cards. On authentication you’ll be transferred all the cash money in exchange for the cards.

Sell your notes

People who have attended university can digitize their notes and sell it online to students who have opted for similar subjects. In fact you can also create notes for them by doing some online research yourself. This way you can earn money and help the college students with important study material at the time of distress especially when they can’t visit libraries.

It’s time that you mold your skills as per the situation and find pout new and different ways to earn money. You can sell gift cards online as it is one of the easiest ways to earn quick cash. Apart from that the other two options work well for you, especially if you’re quite adept with academics. Staying home does not have to be vain, especially when you have so many unique ways to earn money online.



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