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How To Create The Perfect Hamptons Style Living Room During The Lockdown?

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Hamptons-style homes have become quite popular in Australia. Our love for the outdoorsy aesthetic and the love for being close to the beach has transformed itself into the Hamptons style. Some of the key features of this décor is a white-washed home dressed with classic colors or neutral tones and topped off with furniture and accessories that create a coastal vibe. To help make your vision board of ideas come true, you can find Hampton style couches for sale at an online premium retail store in Australia.

What exactly is the Hamptons style?

A Hamptons-esque home is relaxed, laid-back and sophisticated. “It also involves a great deal of charm and character, and interior spaces should feel light, bright and airy, filling you with a sense of zen and relaxation. A home decorated in the Hamptons style will have a neutral color palette, letting the details take the center stage.

What sort of furniture suits this aesthetic?

Hamptons-style furniture tends to be relaxed and beachy. Look for luxe furniture like plush sofas covered in soft natural fabrics and some coordinating oversized accent chairs in soft blues and beiges. Add some natural wood like a coffee table, and blend the look together with a plush rug.

How to spot the best furniture that suits a Hamptons-style home?

Hampton’s style luxe furniture is actually pretty easy to spot. Avoid the trendy items and instead opt for classic, understated pieces such as a roll-armed sofa with tufted detailing, which will always be timeless. Go with neutral tones that will work great with other furniture pieces.

Thus, visit the store and buy Hampton style couches online at cool offers. Available in a premium range of designs and colors, look for the timeless pieces so that it complements the sophisticated yet chic vibe of the interior.



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