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How to Build Backlinks? (A Kickass Guide Part 2)

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Link building isn’t very difficult. However, it does require the right approach to get more number of backlinks in the least amount of time. There’s a reason why brands high SEO company in Canada instead of DIY’ing.

In the previous post of this 5-part series, we talked about how you can (and should) start taking guest blogging seriously. It is one of best white-hat off-page SEO techniques.

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The Skyscraper Technique

Brian Dean, of Backlinko, tossed this phrase and technique. And it’s quite simple on the surface.

It starts with you doing some research to find popular and relevant topics in your niche… Topics with existing content that’s already well-received by the audience.

Find such topics and create a piece of content that’s better than the rest. A post that’s more intensive, has more information, packs latest data, and have appealing visuals.

Once you have a great piece of content that’s better – and more resourceful – than the ones that are ranking high on SERP, time for outreach.

Reach out to people (bloggers, webmasters, marketers) who have linked to similar content as yours and let them know you have created a better piece than what they have linked.

Many of them would check out your content. A few of them would link your URL.

The best thing about this skyscraper technique is that you’re actually publishing a very high-quality content for your own website, which has seamless SEO benefits itself.

With one post in hand – which is a one-time time and effort investment – you can reach out to many people and get many backlinks. Meaning, you don’t have to create new content all the time to get more backlinks; you can use the same post to attract as many links as possible.

If you need help pulling this technique – and getting more backlinks at large – consider hiring a good digital marketing agency India based.

Next Part

In the next post of this 5-part series, we discuss how creating long-form content can be a complete game-changer for your SEO. Read: How to Build Backlink? (A Kickass Guide Part 3)

Audio : How to Build Backlinks? (A Kickass Guide Part 2)



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