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How to Build Backlinks? (A Kickass Guide Part 1)

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Backlinks remain one of the top search ranking factors.

Just ask the best SEO company in kolkata and they would tell you the amount of resources they invest in link building.

Look at what Ahref found in one of their studies…

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The URLs that rank higher on first SERP, they have got more backlinks than the results below them.

There’s an abundance of such data, suggesting how important backlinks are.

So, if you’re looking to rank high on Google for relevant keywords and get more organic traffic, we have you covered here.


This is part 1 of 5-part series where we will discuss five effective ways how you can increase your number of referring domains.


Take Guest Blogging Seriously

Guest blogging is one of the best white-hat off-page SEO techniques. It’s simple, straightforward and assures of great rewards.

The model is simple: you write for someone else’s blog and get a backlink either from within that written post or from your author box.

Now, of course, there are different nuances to guest blogging for backlinks that one must heed to maximize the returns.

Foremost, you must find good-quality, high authority websites where you can guest blog.

Quality of the backlink is more important than quantity.

One backlink from authority website can be equivalent to hundreds of backlinks from poor quality websites.

Next, although you’re writing for someone else’s site, the quality of the content must ace. It must deliver adequate value to the readers.

If possible, the backlink should be contextualized to the content – and not included awkwardly or for irrelevant reason – so that your site gets not just the link juice but also direct traffic.

So, find a good (and relevant) website to guest blog on. It’s an effective way to build quality backlinks. If you need help with content writing, consider hiring digital marketing Canada based agency and working along with their professional content writers.

Next Part

In the next post of this 5-part series, we discuss how you can use the ‘skyscraper technique’ to build a network of quality backlinks. Read: How to Build Backlinks? (A Kickass Guide Part 2)

Audio : How to Build Backlinks? (A Kickass Guide Part 1)



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