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How to Beat Stress and Anxiety with the Right Food?

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Of course, it affects your weight and appearance. But what you eat also plays a significant role in how you feel. So, while that Mexican Burrito might suit your instant gratification, you will be much more fatigued in the hours to come. Moreover, if exposed to pressure, you will experience a higher level of stress and anxiety.

Several studies have revealed that unhealthy eating habit triggers a psychological response, which leads to an increase of cortisol in our body. This lengthens the span that our body remains stressed – unless, of course, intervened with countering serotonin that would make us feel better – which eventually becomes an unhealthy lifestyle for us.

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# Foods to Avoid
# Foods to Eat

So, if you deal with stress and anxiety on a regular basis, the problem might have to do something with your improper daily nutrient intake.

Give your diet a hard look. Audit your food consumption habits. Do you eat healthy foods? Are your meals balanced in all the essential nutrients?

There are certain foods that, thanks to their rich nutritional properties, can help you fight stress and anxiety, as well as relieve the symptoms of GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. But to make space for them in your meals – moreover, for them to be effective – you must first eliminate the items that are actually triggering (and promoting) your negative psychological behavior.

Foods to Avoid

Some of the foods that increase stress include white rice, white flour, pastries, sodas, pasta, sweets, breakfast cereals, ice cream, pretzels, canned soup, pressed juices, and tofu. Basically, you want to avoid items that include processed carbohydrates, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. Also, you want to avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Indeed, you can’t entirely eliminate some of these items. Controlled consumption is the key here.

Foods to Eat

Now, on to the foods that are good at fighting stress and anxiety. It includes spinach, olive oil, oats, fatty fish, Brazil nuts, eggs, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, plain yogurt, green tea, strawberries, and red peppers.

Of course, for someone who’s not an expert, being careful about the diet or maintaining balanced nutritional values in their meals isn’t something easy. If you’re one of them, consulting a certified nutrition health coach is a good idea. These days you can find many good diets and weight loss specialists. Do your research and pick one.

Just fixing your diet can make the biggest difference in how you feel – in the amount of stress and anxiety you experience on a daily basis.


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