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Hiring Digital Marketing Agency in Recession (PART 3)

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In the previous part, we discussed how you should focus on the ROI instead of looking at the investment in digital marketing at face value. Similarly, we also covered how digital marketing companies are struggling themselves in this recession to stay afloat; you should find someone whose infrastructure and operations are sustainable. If you didn’t read it, please give it a quick read here Hiring Digital Marketing Agency in Recession (PART 2)

Here are two remaining tips on how to hire one of the good digital marketing firms in Australia, USA, or India.

4. Know about the now (and future)

Coronavirus has brought about big changes in the business world. And a lot more changes are coming once business owners come to terms with this pandemic and economic downturn.

So, the trend lines have shifted – and they are going to shift even more.

The digital marketing firm you hire, they must be aware of such changes; especially the changes in your industry. After all, the strategies should ideally be based on these changes.

So, when interviewing the potential agencies, ask them questions. Ask them about your industry and where it’s heading. Find out how ahead (or behind) of the curve they are.

5. Has got what you need

Do they even offer the exact service that you need?

Do they have the right team and infrastructure to suit your needs?

For instance, if you’re looking for the best SMO company in Kolkata, does this agency has the experience of helping clients grow and dominate on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn? Does it have the designers and social media specialists? Can it run social media ads and drive higher ROAS?

In the course, (unsurprisingly) you will find many digital marketing firms who would tell you that they offer the best services – and they can deliver you what you need. In reality, many of them lag behind.

It’s your responsibility to figure out which agency really has what you need and can really be the backbone of your digital goals. This is going to require a lot of research work. So, spare some time in this process. In these times when you’re already under pressure, you don’t want to hire an agency that further adds to your woes.

Hire the Best Agency

These are the five tips on how business owners like yourself can and should hire a reliable digital marketing company during this pandemic and recession.

Once you have hired the right agency, it’s a whole different conversation of how you can effectively communicate with them and drive higher value for your business from this relationship. Maybe we’ll cover that topic in some other post. For now…

Good luck with hiring a digital marketing agency.

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