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Here’s How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Your Business

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Sourcing the right wholesale clothing suppliers can be crucial for the success of your retail business or own line of clothing, depending on what you are invested in. You should do a thorough research on the history, reputation and proven track-record of the company before officially beginning business with any prospective supplier.

Your dependence on a vendor to sustain a fashion business isn’t going to be one-off thing, so you should deliberate accordingly before officially getting down to business with a vendor. The most integral part which can make or break a deal with a prospective vendor is the turnaround time. Engage with prospective vendors who have a proven track-record and verifiable history of delivering bulk orders in very quick time.

If you are on the new on the block and planning to figure out the supplier best suited for your interests, there are a couple of ways you can go about on your search even if you have zero leads to begin with.

1. Online Business Directories

Internet has really made the world a smaller place and even if you’re not planning to sell clothing online, the internet can come in handy to figure out the vendors best suited for your requirements. There are many online business directories, which are free and have an extensive list of both domestic and overseas suppliers. The most prominent names that come to the mind are Maker’s Row, ThomasNet, Let’s make it here, Alibaba and Sqetch.

2. Search Engines

There’s nothing in today’s IoT (Internet of things) age, that you can’t find through results on search engines. Just typing “Whole Clothing Suppliers” on the most popular search engines which bring forth a lot of results that can lead you to some prospective vendors best suited to your interests. The supplier’s websites might look dated so you will have to do a little bit of research and read between the lines to figure some worthwhile options out. You can also go in finer details in your search results and even your geo-centric searches (for example, “miami wholesale clothing distributors“) will bring forth many results of distributors operating from Miami, Florida.

3. Word of Mouth

Reputation in the corporate world goes a long way and the same extends to businesses which runs their operations solely through the internet. If you have some connections in the industry that you are trying to make a foray in, you can ask around for some worthwhile recommendations. People are quite helpful and it’s easier than ever before to contact someone through the internet.

4. Social Media

There are many social media groups on different platforms which are invested in different sectors and the same extends to the clothing industry and it’s different segments. Popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have hundreds of millions of active users per month and communities and groups relating to all interests and hobbies have grown rapidly on the internet. Social media allows for ease of communication and it is very easy to find yourself in groups and forums dedicated to the clothing industry and make substantive contacts thereon.

5. Trade Events

Trade events can might take some time and money, but they are a more formal way to make some solid contacts and get some formal information. You’re also likely to be taken more seriously if you’re trying to make contacts in official trade events rather than through social media groups on the internet. There are many trade events in many areas, and you can definitely find one in whatever area that you’re operating from.




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