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Different Ways To Use The Versatile Turkish Luxury Towels In Everyday Life

Different Ways To Use The Versatile Turkish Luxury Towels In Everyday Life

Traditionally referred as the “peshtemals,” the Turkish towels are widely used in everyday life, and mostly popular for being so extravagant, plush and high in quality. Made from high quality Turkish cotton, which is characterized by extra-long fibers, making the cotton threads smoother and stronger, these towels are very soft in texture and also sturdy enough to endure repeated washes or rough usage. The Turkish towels are soft, fluffy, and become increasingly absorbent every time they are washed.

Touted for their versatility, these luxurious and plush Turkish towels can be used in a wide array of practical ways in everyday life, apart from just merely using them as towels. Surprised? Well, the leading Turkish towel manufacturers bring in a wide array of Turkish towels in different styles, sizes, shapes and designs to meet distinct requirements and preferences of the consumers.

Here are some of the creative ways to use these soft towels in everyday life.


The beach towels

Do you love taking on trips to the beach? If you are a beach lover and going for vacations is a regular affair for you, considering on the Turkish towels is a must. Yes, these towels can be easily turned into beach towels as they are lightweight and come in quick drying feature. A Turkish towel is an excellent towel for a sunny beach day and one can it out in the sand or use it to dry off. This Turkish towel is a great beach towel as it dries quickly when wet.

As decorative bath towels

The leading luxury towels wholesale giants make sure to craft the Turkish towels in different varieties, ranging from quirky styles to elegant designs. Thus, these can be easily used as the decorative bath towels for occasion or everyday use. Using this towel type as bath towel is the most common thing, because it makes an amazing bath towel. It’s nice and soft against one’s skin and is available in lovely designs.

Elegant spa towels

If you own a spa, then lend comfortable and luxurious experience to the customers with the help of these Turkish towels. Basically, the Turkish towels are wonderfully light, making them the perfect towel to be added to your spa.

Stylish and offbeat beach cover-ups or sarong

If you have decorative Turkish towels with you, you don’t need to buy cover-ups for beach vacays. These towels are soft and practical, and also quite beautiful, worthy of being easily serving as fashionable cover-ups while you walk along the sea shore for some great clicks! Also, get a touch of elegance by using your towel as a sarong. Wrap it around your waist or torso for sexy and graceful look.

Thus, time to invest in some gorgeous and functional Turkish towels and use them practically every day!

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