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Diet and Naturopathy

Naturopathy Diet
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Diet forms the most important factor in life. A naturopathic diet aims at restoring the lost vitality and overall health through bringing a structure to a person’s diet. Diet prescribed by Naturopath s does not contain synthetic or non-natural constituents and is free of chemical preservatives and additives. The foods in Naturopathic diet are organic and hence free from pesticides.

According to Naturopathy healthy dietary habits constitute for a healthy life. A change in dietary habits can lead to change in overall health of a person. By prescribing a natural, chemical free and organic diet, gruesome matter is being cleared form the body. Our body accumulates a lot of garbage in the form of unwanted or wrong food. This subsequently leads to an imbalance in body creating a health issue.

Naturopathy also believes that digestive system is largely responsible in causing many diseases and setting the digestive system back can restore good health too. A diet plan to restore the digestive system is essential to Naturopathic Treatment. Three distinct phases are followed in naturopathic treatment in diets. According to the phase the diet is prescribed.

In the first stage a patient is prescribed a diet that excludes certain foods and includes certain foods to clean the body of toxins and diet from body. Such foods are usually fruit juices, water and vegetable juices. In the second stage, a patient is given easily digestible foods like soft and boiled vegetables, fruits, boiled rice and lentils, porridge etc. This is so because the digestive system has just gone through eliminative foods and may accept only easy foods and also get prepared for further digestion. In the third stage the body has to be prepared for a normal functioning. In this stage a patient goes back to his usual food stuff such as fats food, oily food and so on though a naturopath would suggest sprouts, salads, boiled vegetables, fruits etc.

A diet in Naturopathy is planned with the principle that body has an innate ability to heal on its own. Naturopathy takes a holistic approach and treats a person as an individual by focusing on all aspects of a person. A patient is treated by recognizing and treating the source. A person is treated as a whole by non-invasive techniques and following an all encompassing manner.

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