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Create a ‘Decora’ Fashion Statement With The Help Of Cute Cat Print Clothing

cat pocket hoodie
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Decora is a Japanese youth subculture that originated in Harajuku , Tokyo in the late 1990’s. This peculiar fashion is characterized by brightly colored clothing and accessories. From animal and fairy theme clothing and bags to pop colored shoes to even pastel toned accessories, the decora style is originally fun and Kawaii. Hence, if you want to experiment with your looks then this is one of the safest Harajuku fashion style that you can experiment with. Decora is accepted internationally as well. In Japan this specific theme is considered as a street style but in other parts of the world, people generally consider it as a cosplay style. Thus, read on to know more about the various classic decora style you can imbibe in your wardrobe.

Art hoe hoodie style

For those who love to imbibe art into their clothing can take the help of the scream cat hoodie. You don’t have to go overboard with this style since the hoodie will be the statement of the outfit. Apart from it as a layer wear , select a pastel pink pullover as it will not only add the required warmth but will also add a dimension to the clothing. For the bottom wear select a pair of bright colored cargo pants to complete the look.

Bold cat style

If you love to show -off your love for the little kittens , then the unisex cat face hoodie is the best thing you can get your hands on. To bring in some color to the outfit wear a bright colored shirt underneath the hoodie. Apart from that you can also opt for colored jeans to make the outfit look unconventional.

hoodie with cat pouch

OTT cat pouch hoodie

If you love to go overboard with your style or want to try something eccentric then the cat pouch hoodie is the best thing you can wear . There’s also a surprising element that makes this hoodie unique than the rest. It has a pocket in the front so that you can carry your cat everywhere. Made of a sturdy artificial fabric, your little kitty will be delighted as well. To make the outfit a little interesting wear a neon track pant and some neutral converse shoes. Thus, next time you go out make sure to wear the cat pocket hoodie to turn heads with your street style.

Thus, the next time you want to opt for some exceptional fashion inspiration, look nowhere apart from the Harajuku sub-cultures. The Decora style is enjoyable and is the best introductory sartorial choice into the distinctive Japanese style.




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