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Coolest Van Racking Ideas that are Functional Too!

wire shelving rack

Are you a professional working from your van? Then you might know that the interior of your van is extremely important for the smooth conducting of the business. Since this is your workplace, getting the racking right is crucial and is your number one priority.

Owing to the requirements for the same, one of the popular experts of such storage solutions has come up with wire shelving units for your van that you can have a look at. Meanwhile, read on the blog below to know more about the

  1. You can create a false bed with access at the rear and side doors. This is a no brainer if you’re a carpenter and need to transport large pieces of plywood. Creating a false floor definitely adds a lot of storage to your mobile workshop. Create a removable hatch at the bulkhead to have access to smaller materials from the side door.
  2. Use old pipes for storing kits and glue. Use those short, useless pieces of pipe instead of throwing them away! Attach a simple stainless steel bracket at the bottom facing inwards, functioning as a support for your glues. Use them to store really anything that’s round. The easiest hack for tidying up your shelves.
  3. Build a cabinet in the side door for crates and toolboxes. Building a van-high cabinet in the side door allows for easy access to your most-used tools and materials. Plan out the cabinet to fit your ‘definitely-need’ tools. Make sure these shelves are made-to-measure for your specific toolboxes and crates.
  4. Place your side door cabinet on a swivel foot. If you want to be able to access this cabinet from the inside as well, simply place the entire cabinet on a swivel plateau. This way, if you’re working inside of your van and need your favorite tools at hand, you simply rotate the entire cabinet. The front becomes the back, and your entire toolbox cabinet is now facing the inside.

Are you looking for the ultimate van racking essential for your vehicle? Do ensure to browse through the virtual store of a popular retailer based in Sydney to find a plethora of racking systems that are suitable for your business.



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