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7 Quick Content Marketing Strategies You Must Deploy in 2019

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Even when in the mainstream, content marketing remains an oblivious concept for many. Of course, it’s much more than just blindly producing contents. Its scope stretches beyond the traditional notion of ‘content writing’ or even ‘SEO writing’.

If you’re looking to increase website traffic, generate leads or boost your sales, the right content marketing approach can unlock you grander results. (And it’s easier than you think!)

Here are 7 content marketing strategies you must deploy in 2019:

  1. Cut the deadweight contents- Go through your old blog posts and delete those who are poor in quality, outdated, didn’t get traffic and failed to fit their purpose. They are wasting your link juice and hurting your brand.
  2. Create contents for Medium- The growth of Medium in recent times has been nothing but exceptional. Known for superior quality contents and tight-knitted communities, the platform already touts millions of daily users. So, if you aren’t already creating unique contents for Medium, start from today. Start immediately.
  3. Copy your (successful) competitors- Analyze your competitors’ content methods and then do the same thing better. For instance, if they have published a post titled ’10 Best Ways to Lose Weight at home’, you should go for something like ’21 ways to lose weight at home’. Bigger and better. Tools like Ubersuggest and Buzzsumo can be of great help here.
  4. Produce 2,000-word articles- If you’re trying to outdo the content strategies of your successful competitors, you would usually have to produce long-form contents. Aim to create articles of more than 2,000-words. They are usually intensive in nature and Google loves long contents.
  5. Create more videos- 100 million hours of video content are watched on Facebook daily. 400 hours of new videos uploaded on YouTube every minute. In short, videos are everywhere on the web. And their consumption will only grow in the coming years. So, start producing video contents from today and distribute them across different channels, from YouTube to Facebook and Instagram. Indeed, creating contents isn’t easy. This is where you can hire a good digital marketing services provider.
  6. Focus on how-to guides- How-to articles remain a very popular type of content on the web, consumed more than any other type. So, focus more on how-to guides and articles. With the right keywords optimization, they can help you rank higher on search engines and get more CTR. Plus, such types of contents also work wonders for voice search.
  7. Connect it with current events- During the recent Government Shutdown in the USA, many big companies shelled contents around this event. For example, Columbia Sportswear placed an ad on Washington Post, reading “Make America’s Park Open Again”. This ad got the brand massive traction across all big digital media outlets. You can use contents in a similar way to talk about current events. If done right, even when controversial, it can help you get massive brand recognition.

These are 7 quick content marketing strategies that you must deploy in 2019.

So, if you have hired an SEO agency in Kolkata, make sure it also has an ace team of content marketers.



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