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The Common Cabin Crew Accommodation Heathrow Booking Mistakes

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Be it traveling for pleasure or due to the nature of your job, you will face a lot of hassles while finding and eventually booking a room in an accommodation. This is a regular problem for the airline staffs who have to constantly travel as a part of their jobs, and have to stay in some hotel during layovers. Though several properties and service providers are offering ever-changing deals and various third-party websites are also helping in looking for the most affordable rates, but the staffs often end up committing certain mistakes, which must be avoided.

Thus, here are some of the cabin crew accommodation Heathrow booking mistakes that the airline staffs commit regularly, which must be avoided for a smooth and affordable stay.

Now Knowing When To Book

Definitely there is no best time to book a room in any property, but booking in advance is really helpful in the long run. Sometimes, airline staffs end up booking at the last minute, and pay a lot more than the usual prices, or get bad rooms. Thus, book on time to score a discounted rate that includes complimentary breakfast and other free services as well!

Assuming That You Are Getting The Best Deal

You might think that you are booking room in one of the best hotels near Heathrow airport at the most exciting rate, but this assumption can lead to losses. Instead of believing what the hotel website or some other site provides, make sure to do a little comparison shopping. If you love a particular hotel, see if there are any promotions offered on different websites. If some other hotel is offering similar service at lower rate, look forward to get desirable amenities such as free Wi-Fi, free breakfast at the best rates.

Not Reading Reviews

Do you blindly book a crew accommodation near Heathrow without checking the reviews and feedbacks of other customers? According to experts, evaluating a property, don’t skip over the user reviews. Sifting through good and bad reviews and asking your colleagues about the properties can help you determine if the hotel is the right fit for your layover stay or not.

Overlooking The Basics

Online booking often make the professional staffs overlook the basics. Sometimes, they end up booking an accommodation way from the airport that makes it difficult for them to travel to and fro easily, and sometimes they don’t check on the safety of the place. Thus, while booking a BA crew accommodation Heathrow, make sure to check the details of the basics intricately.



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