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Camper Trailer Mattress and How to Choose the Best One for You

camper trailer mattress
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Camper trailer is one of a kind recreational vehicle with all the necessary amenities and very popular among the adventure-loving folks. They come equipped with multiple utilities along with a sleeping space but are generally of a smaller size than the standard beds with a mattress of a lower profile. One of the main aspects we look forward to in any living space is the comfort of the bed. It is imperative to have a well-suited bedding space for maximum comfort. Camper trailer or RV mattress that comes by default is usually not up to the mark for convenience. So, you can buy a camper trailer mattress as per your comfort level. You can choose from a variety of specially designed mattresses for RV, which are quite comfortable and will be able to meet all your comfort needs. You can also choose a standard mattress with an average profile to fit your bedding space.

A good quality camper trailer mattress is usually made with memory foam and offers high-density support for maximum comfort. There are other types of mattresses, for example, latex beds or innerspring, which will be able to meet the criteria as well. The average size of these mattresses is about 6” to 8”, however you can also find mattresses up to 10” depending on the bedding space in your camper trailer.

Considerations While Shopping for RV Mattress:

The rough estimate of a camper trailer or RV owners is in millions. They are usually for cross-country trails, and most of them come with bunks, beds, sofas, and other sleeping accommodations. To choose the perfect camper trailer mattress for your RV, you have to keep in mind the various factors like firmness, size, and price. You can check any guide for the dimensions of the commonly sold mattresses.

Shopping for the camper trailer mattress can be challenging, but here are some guidelines and tips which can help you in buying one.

  • Size: The mattress for RV or camper trailers are usually according to the sleep space provided in it. They are smaller in size, and different in structure, as compared to regular or standard mattresses. For instance, the standard King Size shares the same dimensions with RV eastern king but is bigger than the RV king size. The mattresses are also usually quite thinner and lighter if you compare them with the regular mattress, probably to provide ease of transportation.
  • Budget: The standard mattresses are generally more expensive than the RV or camper trailer mattresses due to their size. So in proportion, this mattress will be cheaper than the standard ones, but the price will vary depending on the quality of the camper trailer mattress you want to buy. So, you have to understand your budget before purchasing the mattress.
  • Type of Trailer: Larger trailers like Class A and Class B differ in size than the standard trailers or the smaller ones. So, there will be less space in the smaller vans. So, while buying the mattress, you will have to consider the size of the area you have to put it.
  • The Thickness of The Mattress: The typical thickness of a camper trailer mattress may range from five to six inches, while most of them do not measure more than 10 inches. So you should understand the space available in the sleeping quarters and the thickness of the mattress.

Some other factors to consider include the firmness, warranty, and size of the trailer.


A camper trailer mattress plays a significant role in providing comfort while you are traveling in your camper trailer. So you should choose your bed wisely.


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