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Buy K95 Masks USA and Protect Yourself from Harmful Airborne Diseases

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As the world is reeling from the effects of Covid-19 and everyone is doing their best to stay safe. This has expanded  the market for face masks has health departments enforced safety measures. The purchase of Kn95 masks which is the Chinese version of n95 masks have become quite prominent.

The kn95 mask is a specialized respiratory device that is useful for blocking large particles. It is designed to filter 95% of the particles. It is not a tight fitting device, therefore does not require a fit test by the OSHA regulations.

Usage of Kn95 mask

Kn95 masks functions in five layers. The first layer stops the dust of micron, the second layer stops industrial pollutants, automobile exhaust, third layer prevents the dust microns, fourth layer prevents smaller materials and the fifth layer filters harmful material.

The kn95 mask is positioned low on the nose with both hands and then the nosepiece is to  be molded to the shape of your nose by stretching it outward and downward while moving your fingertips on both sides of the nosepiece. Usually these masks are disposable and to discarded after one use. But, the shortage arising in some countries, some people have been reusing it.

Important Guidelines for Using Kn95 Mask

One must wash their hand before using it and after taking it off. Health professionals do not recommend re-use of kn95 mask. But, if there is a shortage in case of emergency then you must take the following measures.

Surgical masks are only for medical professionals and discarded after use. The mask should not be shared with anyone. If at all reusing, then it must be worn by the same person. If you are working on an extended shift, you can keep the mask on. You must take on and off the mask repeatedly to prevent contamination. The recommended time to remove the mask is one minute, beyond that it will become useless. However, it is advised to not wear the mask for a long time. Also, the storage should be taken care. When not in use, the masks should be kept in a breathable container.

Where to buy KN95 masks?

You can now buy kn95 mask these online as most prominent online retailers are selling them. It is easier to compare prices. Most mask are now imported from usa for want of better quality. If masks usa are more preferable then you can buy kn95 usa online at better prices and. Lot of colours are now included in this category which does not make it dull anymore. Check the return policy and shipping policy before purchasing.


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