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Ask Your T Shirt Supplier To Get These New Styles Today!

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Your t shirt supplier’s collection makes a big impact on your retail apparel business. This makes it imperative that you tell them what the latest trends are, especially if they seem to have missed the obvious.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at the latest trends in t shirts that you should ask your supplier to get from their t shirt manufacturers. These are the latest trends that are doing well in the market and including them in your collection will make a stark difference.

Now, let’s find out what these are:

1. The Round Neck 3/4 Sleeve Tee

Mostly worn oversized by models, this one is a t shirt wholesale suppliers must. It is classy, casual, and can be very well matched with denims, joggers, leggings, and the likes.

The best tee manufacturers bring this design in many different colors, but monochromes seem to be the most popular pick. The sleeves of this t shirt are worn loose and dangly, and often have a double or single stripe on the top, to give it a sportier look.

You can also check out for different prints, checks, or sublimation and widen the variety of options that are available at your store.

2. Graphic Full Sleeve Tees

Graphic tees are back in fashion and this time they are not holding back on sleeve length either. Creative prints on light colors that run down the sleeves, shoulders, and chest are a popular representation of this new trend.

These apparels can literally be printed with any sort of graphics, from music, to pop culture elements like TV shows, superheroes, and more. You can also get them customized from your wholesale t shirts bulk supplier and manufacturer, and have your own creative ideas printed on it.

As a clothing tee, this apparel gives you plenty of option to experiment with and that is one of the reasons why you should definitely make sure that your supplier has got options!

3. Boho Tees And Shirts

With the marijuana movement becoming stronger in Western countries and obtaining a legalized position, the boho is being rejuvenated by its enthusiasts.

There are psychedelic prints, traditional Indian prints, abstract prints, and all of these can be used to create larger designs when confined into boxy shapes.

These are the 3 trends in wholesale custom t shirts that you should notify your supplier about if they do not already have it. You can also add these styles to your bulk order from the manufacturer and that would serve the purpose of your business well too.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now and find out if your supplier can get these trendy t shirt designs for you.

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