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A Quick Guide For Startups To Do Facebook Giveaway Contests

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Sure, you don’t need to offer your target audience and customers the free goodies. But if you’re in this game for a long term goal, it’s important that you focus on delivering them a good experience. And in order to do this, holding giveaways on social media becomes quite an obvious choice.

You hold contests, engage your audience and provide them free stuff. This enhances your brand value, help your marketing goals, and provide your audience with a good experience, which further spins your wheels of customer acquisition and retention.

To help you with the process, here are four tips for startups to do Facebook giveaway contests the right way:

1. Do you have enough people?

Don’t rush into holding contests if you don’t have enough people. You’re giving free items to the winners. So, it’s important you have enough eyeballs in attention. If your Facebook following is very low, focus on increasing the number of likes/follows first. And then hold giveaways.

2. Take time to hype the contest

Don’t just decide today and do a contest tomorrow. Give it enough time to get the words out and create a buzz. Have at least 4-5 days with you to promote the giveaway on different channels. Inform all your audience and customers about this. Email people about it. Use unique hashtags to market it. In short, hype the contest.

3. Make it highly engaging

Engagement is the key goal of such contests so that the participants know about your brand, and understand its core value. So, have a unique contest that has an engagement at its very center. There are many ideas for that: FROM doing Q/A TO asking others to send you selfies. The more people are involved in this, the higher will be the intangible rewards for you.

4. Have a good promotional giveaway item

This is, of course, the most important thing. You need a giveaway item that makes the participants feel like their effort was very well worth it. Promotional tees, caps, and jackets remain a popular choice. However, if you have the budget, you can even go for custom watches and bags.

These days, you can easily find many promotional goods manufacturers who have a large catalog of products from different categories. Pick one of the top promotional items manufacturers and order your bulk.

These are four simple tips for startups to do Facebook giveaway contests the right way.


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