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9 Common Web Design and Development Mistakes Startups Make

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It’s much more than just what those “how to design a website in 15 minutes” articles and videos teach you.

If you’re looking for a Rockstar-like website that plays a pillar to your brand’s existence and business’s web performance, DIY isn’t going to take you a long way.

Here are 9 common web design and development mistakes startups make:

1. Non-responsive design: In 2019, this is quite a cliché that has been over-said. Sadly, there remain many businesses that have non-responsive websites. This is THE BIGGEST mistake today when the number of people accessing the internet through phones is more vs. desktop users. You want your website to perform marvelous across devices of different sizes.

2. Opting for generic website builder/theme: Unless you’re fine looking like your competitors’ clone, this isn’t something that you want to do. Sure, website builders and ready-to-use themes have made DIY’ing very easy and quick. But you want your website to look unique and personalized to your exact needs and requirements. So, hiring a web development company is a much better idea than following DIY tips.

3. Using old HTML rules: Using old HTML not only increases the line of codes that can make the website lag, but they are also non-compatible with the next-gen, newer version of the browsers. So, you want to be careful about the HTML and CSS versions you use. You want to stay ahead of the curve.

4. Adding too many features: You want your website to have amazing features. However, these “amazing features” also come at a cost of the site’s performance and speed – both of which are extremely important for good UX and SEO. So, it’s important that you keep your website lightweight; get away from all the unnecessary and exaggerated features that fill no essential purpose.

5. Overlooking readability: This is a big mistake that often gets overlooked. The first thing that a visitor would do when on your website is read (about your brand, products, more). So, the readability of the site must be high. Be careful of the font family you use, its size, line-height, letter-spacing, and overall formatting.

6. Not providing enough navigation: This is more for good SEO. High session duration and on-page engagement improve your search ranking. One of the ways to ensure the visitors stay on the site for longer is to provide them with enough reasons for that. Having enough navigation options provide visitors with the room to browse your website without coming to a dead-end.

7. Developing for the search engines and not humans: This is a big mistake – developing and designing the site for the search engines. Yes, you want your site to be loved by Google and Bing – so you optimize it for the search spiders. In reality though, in 2019, optimizing for good UX is more important. That’s what search engines want you to do. The more satisfied the visitors are when engaging with your site, the more you will be rewarded by the search engines.

8. Getting the color scheme wrong: Different colors bring different psychological benefits. There’s a reason why some of the most popular sites are in blue. The color scheme of your website must match your products and industry. Moreover, it must match your brand image and its scope.

9. Not updating it regularly: The first version of your website won’t be perfect. There would be plenty of room for improvement. Meaning, updating it regularly based on its performance data is essential. You must regularly make small fixes to improve the look and performance of your website.

These are 9 very common web designing and development mistakes that startups make. Don’t be one of them. Be thoughtful of how your website looks and performs. It can be a game-changer in the scalability of your brand and sustainability of your business. Hire a good web development company today.



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