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7 Tips to Nurture Leads the Right Way (And Sell Quickly)

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Did you know that 65 percent of B2B marketers have not established lead nurturing? (Source)

Don’t be one of them!

Know how to nurture leads, build a relationship with your email subscribers, and convince them to buy your products.

Here are 7 tips to nurture leads the right way and sell quickly:

  1. Avoid being a salesman: Do not send sales pitch in every email. In fact, when you’re trying to build a relationship with a new subscriber, almost 99 percent of your early emails should be engagement-centric, far from trying to make sales. So, aim at driving engagement and not selling.
  2. Establish a brand image: A person won’t have a bonding with a robot or an unknown company. They would have that bonding with a human. So, when building a relationship and nurturing leads, your brand image should be humane. Add a human touch to your tone; talk in a friendly manner. Make sure the subscribers know they are talking to a human who they can trust.
  3. Personalize your emails: This is as basic and important as it gets. Personalization is the key to building relationships and driving conversion. So, avoid blasting bulk emails to your list. Avoid generic emails. A good bulk email sender would offer you adequate options to segment your email list and personalize your emails. Tap on these features.
  4. Maintain consistency: Don’t send too many emails in a quick span. At the same time, don’t send one email today and forget to send another for months. Consistency is very important to drive engagement and brand recall. So, keep the conversation at a steady consistency.
  5. Follow your customer journey map: You have a customer journey map already, simply follow that. If not, create one. Assist your subscribers to cover different touch points in a more systematic way (through drip campaign) to get to the final stage of the sales funnel.
  6. Adopt an omnichannel approach: Take the conversation outside the email ecosystem. After all, you cannot assume that the subscribers will open every one of your emails. So, also engage them on your blog post and social media platforms. Reduce the friction between you and them by increasing your (organic and paid) visibility or discoverability. The more your leads see you, the more they would connect with your brand – provided you’re offering them a good value.
  7. Don’t sell – help: The best sales tip right now is don’t try to sell; instead, help. At the last stage of your lead nurturing, do not push your product. Instead, understand the need and problems of your subscribers, and try to help them. Creating a landing page around the intent of selling and around the intent of helping would vary. Aim for the latter. If you’re targeting the right audience and nurturing the right leads, your “help” would inevitably lead to sales.


These are 7 tips to nurture leads the right way and sell quickly.

Having a well-planned, systematic approach makes lead nurturing much easier. You can put the entire process on automation even, provided your bulk email service provider offers powerful automation features.

So, take your time to outline a thorough lead nurturing process around your customer journey.


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