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7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Google Traffic Has Crashed (Part 6)

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Usually, Google would push away your website into oblivion for being poor or lacking the necessary element to rank higher for relevant keywords. However, in other cases, the search engine might go out of its way to penalize your website for breaking the fourth wall. This penalty could be automatic or manual. This could the biggest why reason organic traffic to your website has crashed. And this is what we’ll discuss here.

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Google Has Penalized Your Website

As mentioned, Google can penalize your website automatically or manually. If done manually, you would get an update regarding this in your Google Search Console dashboard under ‘Manual Actions’. If it’s done automatically, you can only make guesswork that your site has been penalized; you can ‘guess’ this by looking at your traffic and other patterns. You can even Google “” and see if your URLs show up or not; note, even if it shows up, it doesn’t mean it’s not penalized.

Now, the reasons why your site could have been penalized are plenty. There are tens of reasons – if not hundreds – why this happened.

Your site is too slow. There are too many affiliate links. You’ve stuffed keywords all over your website. You’ve indulged in black hat SEO practices. You’ve published copied/stolen content. You’re linked to scamming and suspicious websites. There are too many 404s.

These are some common reasons why Google may have penalized your website. But again, there are too many reasons to find out something accurately here.

If you’ve got the manual actions, you would know the reason why it happened. Fix it and re-appeal.

But if it’s automatic, you should start by auditing your website and see where it lags. Go through the fundamental rules of SEO and see if your site is following them all. This is going to be a long and tedious process wherein you’ll have to check all the things off the list. Further, even after doing this, you aren’t guaranteed the desired outcome. So, for higher efficiency and time-saving, consider hiring one of the top digital marketing companies that offer the best SEO services in Kolkata. On the back of their extensive experience of handling such cases, they can help you much better, bringing your site back on track quickly.

In any case, being penalized by Google can be very bad news for webmasters and business owners. Because often the reasons aren’t clear. And correcting this can take its time (depending on the reason), which could hurt the business fatally in this period. Sadly, many websites are regularly penalized by Google. Few of them never manage to make a comeback.

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