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7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Google Traffic Has Crashed (PART 5)

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The scope of SEO is too wide. It’s equally about what you don’t do, as to what you do. And this is what this post discusses… how it might not exactly be you but your competitors who may have managed to outdo you.

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Your Competitors Have Started Doing Better

Often, it’s not you but your competitors. Maybe they have started doing much better. Maybe they are now ranking higher on SERP and for more number of keywords. Maybe they have stolen your ranking and are stealing your organic traffic.

This happens… Especially after Google algorithm updates. For instance, Google’s Broad core update has to do more about rewarding those who are better. So, in that process, when those doing better are rewarded, it would automatically mean those who are less would get demoted.

And this is something that may have been happening with you.

Maybe your competitors have started doing much better than you that they are ranking higher.

To find out, do competitive analysis.

For the keywords whose traffic has declined for you, find out who are ranking for those individual phrases. And then spend some time figuring out why they are ranking higher.

Go through their website; go through their content. Look at their strategy and brand positioning.

You might notice that they are indeed delivering more value to the visitors than you – so Google has rewarded them.

In such a case, with your competitive analysis report in hand, it’s time now to outdo these competitors.

If they are publishing good quality content, publish better content. If their site is fast, make yours faster. If they have gotten a higher number of backlinks, get more (from good quality websites).

The goal is to optimize your site better so that Google prefers you over these competitors who are ranking higher. Of course, you can do this only when your intent is on delivering the best value to your target audience. When you’re intending to help visitors with their pain points in the best way possible, everything else will fall in the right place.

Admittedly, this is easier said than done. The whole process of competitive analysis itself is challenging. Top brands hire digital marketing companies in Mumbai for this. And you should consider it too. Hire an agency that offers the best digital marketing service Kolkata. They can help you end-to-end with this, from competitive analysis to planning and execution.

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This is the 5th part of this 7-post series on why your site’s Google traffic has crashed – and what you can do about it. In the next post, we talk about the possibility of your website getting penalized by Google and how it could have killed your organic traffic. Please go and read: 7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Organic Traffic Has Crashed (Part 6)

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