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7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Google Traffic Has Crashed (PART 4)

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Sticking to the fundamental rules of SEO – instead of trying new tactics and tricks – is incredibly important. Because no matter how smartly you’re trying to trick the system, you will inevitably lose the game. And this is something many webmasters and marketers experience regularly – and that’s exactly what you and your website maybe going through at present.

By the way, in the previous part of this 7-post series on why your site’s organic traffic has crashed, we talked about how your bad backlink profile can be a “situation” for you to take in priority; how your competitors could attacking you. If you didn’t read it, do it here: 7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Organic Traffic Has Crashed (Part 3)

Google Updated Its Algorithm

Did you know Google updates aka “improve” or “change” its algorithm thousands of times every year?

Of course, not all updates are worth noting. The majority of them are too small and negligent. However, every once in a while, there would be that one big algorithm update that would shake the entire SEO community.

Does your traffic crash coincide with one such Google algorithm update?

Did the search engine push an update after which your site’s traffic started declining?

Can you spot any relation?

For instance, in May 2020, Google announced a Core Update, which saw organic traffic trickling down for many websites; many were rewarded as well.

Have you been affected by an update?

Find out.

Do some research work!Or simply hire a digital marketing company in Australia to help you figure this out.

There are many digital marketing companies in Canada out there with a strong team of SEO experts. Hire them. Not only can they assist you find out more about the latest Google algorithm update, but they can also fix your site if it indeed is affected by another one of Google updates.

If you’re a DIY ninja, there are many online tools that can help you track Google algorithm updates. You can even refer to forums and social media to see if there has been an update, if others have been affected as well, and what the SEO community is talking about these days.

Once you’ve confirmed that an algorithm update is a reason why your organic traffic has declined – know more about that update, why it affected your site,and then outline a plan around how you can recover from this point.

Again, unless you have some experience in SEO, this is going to be a challenging task at hand. So, it’s a good idea to hire a digital marketing company in Canada and tap on their SEO services.

Next: Your Competitors Have Upped Their Game

This is part 4 of this 7-post series on why your website Google traffic has crashed. In the next post, we discuss how your declined organic traffic might have nothing to do with you. The reason could be your competitor and how they maybe pacing faster. Please go and read: 7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Organic Traffic Has Crashed (Part 5)

Audio : 7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Google Traffic Has Crashed (PART 4)



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