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7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Google Traffic Has Crashed (PART 3)

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Link building is one of the most important search ranking factors. But then it’s much more than just about getting backlinks from any domain on the web. There are many dynamics to it. Was it that easy, why do you think top digital agencies in India and around the world employ link building specialists?!

Just as important as backlinks are, it might also be a cause of a problem for you right now. By the way, in the previous part of this 7-part series on why your site’s organic traffic has crashed, we discussed how thin content might be hurting your search ranking. If you didn’t read it, please give it a quick read here: 7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Google Traffic Has Crashed (PART 2)

Spammy Backlinks Pointed To Your Website

How does your backlink profile looks?

How many domains are referring your website? What kind of websites are they?

Today, the quality of backlinks is more important than quantity. One backlink from a top publication can easily outweigh tens of backlinks from poor quality sites and directories.

So, not the numbers but the quality of the backlink is what you should be looking at here.

And while you’re at it, audit if the number of backlinks you have gained from poor quality websites has increased in recent times.

Such attacks from competitors aren’t unheard of. They can send backlinks to your site from many spammy websites, which would hurt your backlink profile and eventually search ranking.

See if you’re a victim of such an attack by anyone.

In any case, your task here is to get rid of bad quality backlinks and get more good quality backlinks.

The poor ones that are coming from spammy sites, disown them.

At the same time, amplify your link building game. Start guest blogging for good websites. Try the skyscraper technique.

We have covered how to get backlinks in different posts.

Read them (or bookmark them for a later read.)

Bad quality backlinks – whether you’ve built them yourself or your competitors have pointed them to your side – can be a big reason why the organic traffic of your website has crashed. Fix it on priority.

If you need help with auditing and link building, hire an agency that offers the best digital marketing services Kolkata.

Next: Google back at it again with algorithm updates

This is the third part of this 7-post series on why your site’s Google traffic has crashed and how you can fix it. In the next part, we talk about how the latest Google algorithm update may have brought a bad news for your website. Please go and read: 7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Google Traffic Has Crashed (PART 4)

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