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7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Google Traffic Has Crashed (Part 1)

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It was going well. Not incredible – but well. Your website was getting a decent amount of organic traffic from Google.

But then one day you woke up, logged in on Analytics, and found your Google traffic has crashed. Impressions are down; clicks are even worse. Your content is now ranking for fewer keywords. The URLs that were ranking on the first page are lost somewhere in the crowd.

You thought in days it would improve – but it didn’t.

And now you’re left with almost dead organic traffic. And, of course, your business has been hit hard.

What to do now?

Instead of waiting and hoping that visitors would return – instead of sticking to the same SEO approach – it’s time now to roll up your sleeves and get down to deep investigation.

Why your Google traffic has crashed?

Find out.

Here are 7 possible reasons why your site’s Google traffic has crashed and what you can do about it:

You Messed Up in The Technical End

Maybe you were curious…

Maybe you wanted to know more about the technical end of your website.

Maybe you were testing things with the robots.txt file and you messed up a few things there.

Maybe you were figuring out the canonical tag on your website when you mistakenly deleted something.

SEO is much more than just about the basic on-page and off-page techniques. There’s a whole different side to it that has to do with technical elements.

If you messed up something on the technical end (like robots.txt), it can end up hurting your site’s search traffic.

And maybe that’s exactly what has happened here with you.

Take out some time to do an intensive technical SEO audit of your side.

Sure, it’s not easy; especially if lines of codes give you headaches.

So, for help, consider hiring the best digital marketing company that offers the best SEO services in Kolkata.

Auditing your website on technical parameters can uncover many flaws that are hurting your organic traffic. It can help you discover that one big blunder that has hit your Google traffic the hardest.

This is a common reason in all; especially with websites that are handled by new webmasters and marketers. Since they usually lag the technical knowledge, they fail to recognize some very in-your-face blunders.

Next: Poor Quality Content

This is a part 1 of this 7-post series on why your website Google traffic has crashed. In the next part, we talk about the relevance of content and how it could have played a pivotal role in the downfall of your site on SERP. Please go and read: 7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Google Traffic Has Crashed (PART 2)

Audio : 7 Reasons Why Your Site’s Google Traffic Has Crashed (Part 1)



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