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6 Simple Tricks to Double Your Online Sales in the Quickest Time

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It’s a tough game out there. While the mainstream media frame it as “easy” with its selected success stories, tapping on the e-commerce opportunities and pulling the desired revenue is tough.

If you’re struggling to make the desired sales, here are 6 simple tricks to double your online sales in the quickest time:

1. Optimize your online store

Do basic keywords research, pick a few targeted (and most relevant) keywords and then plug them throughout your online store, including in product descriptions, URLs and homepage.

You would be surprised how this basic measure can help you boost organic traffic significantly.

(Of course, if you can consume some SEO guides and follow their tips, you can unlock even better result.)

2. Advertise on Facebook and Instagram

CPM on Facebook and Instagram stories are highly underpriced. A small investment in their ad programs can result in massive traction. And if the campaign is well-devised, the conversion rate could be just as high.

3. Lower the price of your products

But first, buy liquidation goods. These products are not only super cheap, but they are also high in quality. These days, you can easily find one of the top wholesale liquidation companies online.

Once you have packed your warehouse at low cost, you can now lower your selling price without compromising in your returns.

4. Introduce pop-up discounts

There’s a reason why every retailer introduces big discounts every so often. Because the end customers like such offers.

Pop-up discounts are unexpected offers. Every so often, pull this offer on select products. And, importantly, market this offer through ads and content copies on the website.

This can boost your sales within a very quick span.

5. Start selling on Amazon

55 percent of people start their product searches on Amazon.

So, if you aren’t already selling on this e-commerce behemoth, you must start right away. (It’s not difficult, really!)

6. Email your existing customers

Surprisingly, so many retailers do not focus on retaining their existing customers. Don’t be one of them.

Retaining your existing customers is 25 times cheaper than acquiring new customers.

So, email your existing customers. Communicate with them about your latest collection and offers. Keep them engaged with your brand.

These are 6 simple tricks that will double your online sales in the quickest time. Go ahead, try it!




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