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5 Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO

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SEO isn’t insular. It’s connected to various other digital elements, including website design. Yes, the design of your website can significantly hurt your search optimization efforts. There’s a reason, after all, why you’re recommended to hire professional web design services provider over DIY’ing.

In fact, here are 5 web design mistakes that will virtually kill your SEO (and conversion) strategy:

1. Non-helpful 404 error page: It’s hard enough to have people land on your site. If you’re serving them error pages, it’s a bad thing. What’s worse is that your error page is ill-designed. Ideally, it should be custom-designed with intent to keep the visitors hooked on the website and navigate them to the right page. If your error page is generic with no proper creative element and navigational option, it’s worse for your SEO.

2. Poor navigation: Bounce rate and session duration are two very important search ranking factors today. To reduce the bounce rate and increase session duration, your focus should be on increasing the engagement factor of your website. Having a good navigation is one way to improve your site’s engagement.

3. The pretty pop-ups: Popups are no more popular. They are obtrusive. Plus, with more people now accessing the web from their handheld devices, popups result in poor UX on smaller screens. And bad UX is a death-sentence for SEO these days. So, if you have intrusive popups on your website, it’s a bad design move. Remember, there are many other ways to generate leads! For help, please contact a good digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

4. Too many images: If you have your text written on images, search engines won’t be able to index that content. Moreover, having high-quality images significantly hurt the site’s speed and smoothness. (And if the image is of poor quality for the sake of keeping its size small, the visitors won’t like the blurry images.) So, using too many images in your design isn’t a good idea.

5. Unreadable text content: This is perhaps one of the most underrated website design mistakes that hurt SEO more than what many people realize. When the texts on your site aren’t easy to read, people would leave immediately. Even if they stick around, squinting to read what’s written, they are bearing bad user experience. This leads to a wrong brand impression for you. So, if you or your web design services provider hasn’t paid enough heed to this department, you might want to do it. Fix your font size, font family, font weight, line height, and letter spacing. Improve the readability of your website.


These are five web design mistakes that take a toll on SEO. So, while you might be too focused on the basic SEO factors like content and backlink, your site’s design might be playing a villain somewhere in the corner, laying waste all your optimization efforts. So, audit your website, find the flaws, and make the needed improvements.

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