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5 (Not So) Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Studying Abroad

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You’ve heard about those prestigious colleges in the USA, UK, and Australia. You want to study there and give your career a high-flying start. But you aren’t alone! There are millions of students just like you who share the same dream.

While studying abroad has become quite common today, its idea is still far from being realistic and accurate.

For many students, the idea of studying in colleges overseas is often inspired by movies and a few exaggerated articles. If you’re one of them, here are five (not-so) surprising things you would discover about studying abroad very soon:

1.The competition is very high

As mentioned already, there are millions of students just like you who apply to study in abroad colleges. There are only so many seats.

So, the competition is very high.

Meaning, the chances of getting in top institutes, unless you’re the best, are very slim for you.

2.You must be an A-grade student

To beat so many students applying in the same college and course, you need to be an A-grade student whose application catches attention.

But aside from that, even when you’re picking any obscure course, the college would still demand you to be a good student with a rich academic background.

If you have got poor grades in your exams and tests, it’s going to be difficult to get in the top colleges in the USA, the UK, and Australia.

3.It isn’t as expensive as one believes

The general idea is that studying abroad is very expensive.

Indeed, if you’re applying to some of the world’s top colleges, you’re going to have to shell a lot of money. However, there are many incredible colleges out there that have a very affordable fee structure.

So, studying abroad isn’t really as expensive as so many people believe it to be.

To that, today, there exist so many scholarships and finance options. So, for many students, if they are really good and have planned things through, affording their education isn’t a big problem.

4.Professional life becomes much easier

You’ve only heard of it and it’s true. Adding a mention of a good international college in the portfolio can add massive credibility to your application wherever you apply for any job.

To that, your base salary would be high too – and so will be your starting position.

So, your professional life really becomes easier and more rewarding.

5.Finding a good education consultancy firm in Dhaka is not easy

Planning and preparing to study abroad isn’t a DIY thing. You need the right guidance from qualified and experienced professionals.

Sadly, finding a good Bangladesh Foreign Education Consultancy isn’t easy. In the crowd of so many, the chances of picking a wrong name are very high.

It’s essential that you pick a good education consultancy firm in Dhaka that not only makes claims and promises but also delivers.


These are five not-so-surprising things that you might not have known about studying abroad.
Remember, your dream to pursue higher education in a different country, in a top college, demands proper planning and preparation. So, if you’re really serious about it, start the planning process as early as possible.

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