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4 Quick Steps to Optimize for Google Rankbrain

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Rankbrain is Google’s AI-based search engine algorithm that learns from users’ browsing habit and ranks websites accordingly. Continuously evolving along with the piling data, it works independently with virtually no manual handling from engineers. Comparatively, it is known to be more efficient in ranking websites correctly. And this has already made it the third most important SEO factor, only behind content and backlink.

In 2019 and beyond, Rankbrain is expected to become an integral part of Google’s ranking system. So, it’s important you’ve optimized your website the right way to effectively manage this yet another shift in SEO’s fundamental.

Here are 4 quick steps to optimize for Google Rankbrain:

1. Say “NO” to clickbait headlines

If your headline promises one thing and the rest of the content delivers something else, it’s going to upset the users and they will leave your website without browsing further. This will leave your bounce rate quite high, eventually hurting your search ranking.

To that, misleading people will massively hurt your brand value, which would be fatal in the long-run.

2. Ace your internal linking game

You want visitors to explore more of your website; visit different pages and consume more contents. To make this possible, you need to ace your internal linking game.

You need to link to different posts on the landing page to guide the visitors to go from one page to another. In addition, your Call to Action must be distinct and appealing.

3. Focus on ‘Time spent on site’

google rankbrain

Internal linking will help you improve your ‘time spent on site’. But there are much more you can do to boost this metric, including:

  • Publish long-form contents.
  • Embed videos in the contents.
  • Use infographics along with your text-based contents.
  • Write highly engaging copies.

4. Get your Meta Description correct

Just ranking high on Google isn’t sufficient. If your Click-Through Rate (CTR) is not good enough, that ranking will fall eventually.

To improve your CTR, you must get your meta descriptions correct. After all, this is the snippet that people read before clicking on any result.

In addition, you should also implement schema markup to get rich results on SERP (e.g. rich snippets).

Optimizing for Google Rankbrain requires you to pull strings from every end, and focus primarily on Users’ Experience. So, unless you’re a DIY-ninja, you need to hire professional web design services, developers, and SEO agency India based to score go at this game.




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