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4 Neuromarketing Tactics to Drive Higher Conversion

Neuromarketing Tactics
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Neuromarketing isn’t a new concept. However, in recent times, owing to the extensive data we have at disposal, it has become a big part of the conversation.

From smart brands to companies offering digital marketing services in Gurgaon, India – they are now focusing on stimulating emotions of the target audience to drive conversion.

Of course, neuromarketing is far from the basic techniques. It has its own distinct concepts, variants, and nuances that make for a whole different subject. However, there are plenty of basic measures that even small business owners can draw from that subject to inspire their existing digital marketing efforts.

In that context, here are 4 neuromarketing tactics you should use to drive higher conversion and brand sustainability:

1. Tap on FOMO

‘Fear Of Missing Out’ tactic is already used by many eCommerce business owners. If you’re selling something, put that “something” on limited-time discount offers. And then market that promotion across different channels in front of the right target audience.

It will trigger people psychologically, pushing them to make the purchase – even when they don’t necessarily require the product right away.

2. Send “Free Stuff” Regularly

Surprise and delight is as effective as it goes in the marketing sphere. From Mercedes Benz to Taco Bell – there are many brands who champion this. And so can you!

The idea is very evident – you surprise your target audience and then delight them.


There are many ways. One of the simplest ones is to offer them free stuff.

Send your audience free goodies (and maybe a personal note). You will win them over – driving higher conversion, impacting retention, and leaving a lasting brand impression.

3. A Campaign to Build Suspense

Creating suspense (in a creative way) hooks people’s attention and drive higher engagement. And when there’s higher engagement, you enjoy more opportunities to convert.

So, run an Omni-channel digital marketing campaign around an interesting concept, build anticipation, and see your conversion measures to newer heights.

4. Deploy More Empathy

Who would you rather be friends with – someone who understands you or someone who doesn’t?

Of course, someone who understands you!

The same dynamics work even with the consumers. They are more likely to connect with and purchase from those brands who they believe understands them better.

This is why deploying empathy in your digital marketing campaigns is very important. Tell your audience that you understand who they are, what their problems are, what solutions they are seeking, and what their preferences are.

Higher empathy will build your brand’s subconscious image, bringing you long-term benefits in higher conversion and sales.


These are 4 neuromarketing tactics that assure you of higher returns in the long-run.

So, do work with your existing marketing and website development services providers to do whatever you’re doing.

However, to unlock higher conversion and brand sustainability, it’s important to redefine your current strategies and incorporate a newer approach that centers on consumer behavior and psychology.

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