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3 Things You Did Not Know About a Doctor’s Uniform!

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A doctor’s uniform is a vision of trust, and people feel secure whenever they see one around them. Medical professionals make great sacrifices to make sure that they can serve the society at large, and the uniform stands for just that and more.

However, for something this familiar, there are a lot of things that one does not know about this uniform. In this blog, we are going to take a look at 3 of these things so that you know your fellow medical professionals a little better.

Let’s take a look now:

It is white in color to make sure it is clean

Hygiene, sterilization, and cleanliness make for a great part in a medical professionals life. When retailers order from medical professional manufacturers,  they make sure that the uniforms are of pure white color.

The main reason for that is to make sure that patients and other people can always see if the doctor is clean while serving his or her patients. It is an important part and is widely accepted as the gold standard of the doctor’s coat throughout the globe.

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Made of cotton, linen, or cotton polyester

Most doctors coats are made from either cotton, linen, or cotton polyester – which makes it really easy to clean. Also, natural fibers have antimicrobial properties and that makes it better set for this sort of environment.

Manufacturers make sure that the highest quality products are used to make the clothes because it is an important matter of ethics and responsibility.

It was inspired from the laboratory coat

While very few people might know this, it is indeed an interesting fact. The doctor’s white coat was actually inspired from the laboratory coat worn by scientists.

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When modern medicine began to shift to a more exact science in the 19th century, medical professionals realized that they should treat mark themselves with the same insignia.

It is during this time that they started wearing the doctor’s coat and that has now become a convention throughout the world.

These are 3 of the little known things about the medical professional’s white coat that you probably did not know about. If you are a retailer of uniforms, then get in touch with a medical and hospitality uniform manufacturer and place your bulk orders now!



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